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SAS/SATA Protocol Analyzer

BusXpert PRO 6G SAS / SATA Analyzer rev. B
The SerialTek BusXpert PRO features HDminiSAS or SATA connectors for 4 port connections, buffer sizes up to 36 GB, and a small form factor for portability. Multiple units can be cascaded together to record multiple ports, simultaneously, and view them in one integrated display. All BusXpert PRO Series analyzers also come with free product support, and no software maintenance fees for the life of the analyzer.
BusXpert Micro II 12G SAS/SATA Analyzer
The new SerialTek BusXpert Micro II revolutionizes the analysis of devices and systems utilizing the high speed SAS and SATA storage protocols. With key features found in few other SAS/SATA analyzers the Micro II is a portable, lightweight unit that supports up to 72 GBs (planned support) of capture buffer, hardware accelerated gigabit Ethernet, pre-indexed and compressed trace data and multiple analysis processors.
BusXpert Micro 6G SAS / SATA Analyzer
The BusXpert Micro Series SAS and SATA analyzer has a very portable form-factor, making it a preferred choice for those developers needing a compact platform with minimal noise and real estate. Its small size also makes it easy for field engineers to take on the go and to move from bench to bench in the lab. The analyzer itself comes with several status LEDs for a real-time, visual reference of what is occurring on the bus. It also supports external trigger in/out for those needing to trigger a scope or logic analyzer. The BusXpert Micro Series is our most popular SAS/SATA analyzer for complete SAS and SATA protocol analysis.


BusXpert Logic Adapter with DEVSLP
The BusXpert Logic Adapter serializes and transmits 24 logic signals to a BusXpert analyzer, enabling capture of both logic signals and serial data simultaneously. The BusXpert Software displays the captured logic signals and serial protocol side-by-side, making it easy to view the timing relationship between them. The Logic Adapter transmits the serialized logic to the analyzer initiator port via a standard SATA cable, or to the target port via a SATA crossover cable. The BusXpert Analyzer can trigger on any combination of logic and/or serial data.